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Symptoms of chronic hepatitis C, the Transition process in the chronic form is most often invisible to the patient. It develops almost in 2/3 of the cases. Specific first symptoms of chronic hepatitis C in women and men: increasing fatigue; weakness; sleepiness, particularly hard to Wake up in the morning; change of sleep cycle – a dangerous sign; decreased appetite; appear bloating, nausea, vomiting. See also, symptoms, and treatment of hepatitis A. Diagnosis of hepatitis C For the diagnosis of this disease shall at the same time some of the blood from the vein.

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The results of the first of them – liver function tests – can be obtained on the same day, and start non-specific treatment. Other tests come later, after a few days. So, in the hepatic samples are determined in the blood: increased levels of total and direct bilirubin; increased alanine aminotransferase total and breeding; decrease in the level of albumin; increased alkaline phosphatase and glutamyl transpeptidase; coagulation shows a decrease in the level of prothrombin index. sovaldi for sale - But in chronic hepatitis C, all these figures can not go beyond the norm, or to be changed only occasionally (and not the fact that people will hand over the analysis when there is a deviation from the norm). Specific diagnosis includes:

1) detection of markers of hepatitis b With ELISA method. With 4-6 weeks of the acute period are determined by the class M immunoglobulins to that virus, the titer increases, they can also appear when you activate the virus in chronic process.

With 11-12 weeks of infection will be determined immunoglobulin G. the titer gradually increases to 5-6 months; if a person recovered, the titer gradually begins to decline. In chronic hepatitis C anti-HCV-IgG are determined for life. 2) a Positive ELISA result should be confirmed by RIBA method.

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3) identification of virus RNA by PCR (if HCV RNA is determined by – the diagnosis is established). RNA is determined in the dynamics. Its early disappearance is considered a good sign in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. 4) Genotyping – definition of quasi-species of virus. Important in selecting treatment. 5) using a quantitative PCR method – determination of viral load. This test shows the number of viral particles in the blood. Not used to assess the severity of the disease, and in order to see how effective treatment.

6) in Addition, the diagnosis is confirmed by the results of needle biopsy, performed under ultrasound control. Treatment of hepatitis C in acute and chronic hepatitis C treatment starts with diet. This is table number 5 with the exclusion of fatty and fried foods. Also from the diet completely exclude acute, smoked products, alcohol, foods rich in fiber. In the acute period of food there should be no animal protein (meat, eggs, fish).

Acute hepatitis treated with nonspecific drugs: infusion therapy (intravenous) with saline solutions, glucose, Reosorbilakt; drugs essential amino acids: Glucagon, HEPA-Merz (Omnitox); drugs lactulose: Duphalac, Normase and others; sorbents: Atoxyl, Smectite, White coal; drugs that reduce the production of gastric juice: Omez, Ranitidine, Famotidine, Nolpaza; protease inhibitors: Contrycal, Contrived, Gordox. Chronic hepatitis is treated after determining the genotype of the virus. Main medications used in therapy is interferon and Ribavirin. Interferon is a protein that is produced in humans in response to the introduction of any virus. For the treatment of hepatitis sovaldi sale C using a synthetic analog of such a protein, that is, in fact, activates the natural immune response that the virus is suppressed. Such interferon has many side effects, so treatment is carried out under medical supervision, and therefore, need constant monitoring of laboratory parameters. Ribavirin is prescribed only in combination with interferon. When you first genotype to this therapy adds a third drug, an inhibitor of protease (Contrical, Gordox). Treatment includes correction definitely developing changes in the blood. During the treatment of chronic process re-defined: 1) General blood analysis with determination of platelets and reticulocytes;

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Coagulation; 3) Liver function tests; 4) the Degree of viral load; 5) virus RNA by PCR; 6) every 3 months monitor the level of thyroid hormones. Contraindications to treatment Specified antiviral therapy cannot be conducted: people who had been transplanted a body; persons suffering from autoimmune processes; untreated hyperthyroidism; decompensation of heart failure; pregnant women; children under the age of 3 years; decompensated diabetes mellitus; severe ischemia or hypertension; exacerbation of obstructive bronchitis. The sovaldi prognosis of hepatitis C treatment the chances of cure of chronic hepatitis C pretty much: can recover up to 60-80% of patients. Easier to cure patients with 2 and 3 genotype of the virus, the first does not respond to treatment. The effectiveness of treatment depends on: patient's age: the younger they are, the more effective treatment; gender: woman are easier to cure; if histologically revealed minimal changes in the liver, to treat such a form is easier; viral load: the lower it is, the more effective treatment; body weight: people with low weight easier to heal. If after treatment, the virus RNA is not detected, it's safe to say that the man recovered. See also, hepatitis B. hepatitis C Prevention an Effective vaccine against the virus yet.

Don't use someone's razor or nail utensils, toothbrushes; to monitor the sterilization of tools in beauty or dental office; to work with blood or body fluids of a person wearing gloves, observing all safety rules; sex only in a condom (before delivery partner of markers of hepatitis); if you caught a family member, you only need to fear his blood. To cuddle, sovaldi online to use Cutlery and to kiss you. Complications hepatitis C complications of acute hepatitis C include: hepatic coma as a manifestation of fulminant form of hepatitis; fatal outcome as a result of fulminant hepatitis; cholangitis. Two main complications of chronic hepatitis C is a liver cirrhosis (in 5-20% of cases of chronic hepatitis) and liver cell carcinoma.